Travel through Italy with the Big Italian Feast

Italy is famous for two things: its diverse and rich culinary traditions and ideal summer holidays. We all know that Italy is a popular vacation spot and let’s face it, we are all dying to spend our summers galavanting around a Venezio castle or swirling our wine glasses in wineries under the Tuscan sun. Well, if you (like us) are unable to take a much-needed vacation, fret not!

We hosted India’s biggest ITALIAN FOOD FESTIVAL, which we reckon would have sent your taste buds (if not you) on a very long trip to Rome’s cobblestone streets and Tuscany’s culinary heaven. Here’s how you can get the best of Italy delivered to you!

Start off with the global favourite loaf of Garlic Bread

We all know about the Italians’ long standing romantic affair with bread and garlic, they married these two ingredients to create one of the most popular appetisers in the world. There is no better feeling than that of crunching into a well-baked garlic bread filled with Tuscan flavours! You can also get your hands on this trio of Garlic Breads online by ordering them on our website.

Build a Panini with our tasteful Basil Seed Pesto

Enjoy the vibrant flavours of Genoa by digging into the warm and crispy sandwich made with slices of Focaccia bread and Basil Seed Pesto, complete with an assembly of enticing vegetables like lettuce, tomato and of course, lots of cheese. Bite into this Panini and transport your taste buds to the world of romantic Genovese tales.

Change the course of your day with real black Truffle Chips

Made using the real Black truffles from Tuscany, you can get the feel of a Tuscan vacation in just a bite of these Gourmet Black Truffle Chips that were available on the biggest Italian food sale ever. Simply open the packet, Sniff ⋅ Savour ⋅ Swoon ⋅ and find yourself in a true Tuscan state of mind!

End your weekend on a dolce note with Tiramisu

Explore the taste of Treviso through this delightful and delizioso dessert. This iconic dessert has paved the way for dessert enthusiasts to indulge in the perfect symphony of caffeine and rich cream in just a bite!

The weekend of BIG ITALIAN FEAST surely gave us an insight into an Italian summer vacation and we hope you got a glimpse too. We know we had a gaga weekend as our favourite picks made a beeline to your homes and hopefully, your hearts. But for now, we hope you stock up on your favourite Italian essentials and enjoy a big Italian feast at home surrounded by love, laughter and tales.

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