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"Great pesto! Loved how fresh it tasted and not overflowing with oil. Been using it on my sandwiches regularly and so easy to stir into my favourite pasta!"

-Arjun Raj

"Sorrentina's Pizza Kit has made my life so easy! It requires zero cooking skills and no fancy equipment, perfect for someone like me. I'm definitely stocking up on these for every weekend now."

-Radhika Kapoor

"This focaccia is by far my favourite! It's not dense at all and I've been dunking it into my soups every day. Would definitely recommend the Burnt Garlic flavour."

-Sanjana Shah

"I tried the focaccia it was superb ! Also love the Basil Seed Pesto one of my all time favourites"

-Pia Singh

"Sorrentina is a brand which focuses on quality. I have been buying their products since a long time and never been disappointed. Their sauces and bakery products are excellent.Would definitely recommend it"

-Dr Milloni Gadoya

"I can’t stop eating the Tiramisu whenever I happen to get my hands on it!! Irresistible!!"

-Aaditya Bhatt

"I've been using the all purpose tomato sauce for a few weeks now and must say, it's quite versatile. My sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, all taste great with this sauce and the flavour is quite fresh unlike the bottled sauces I've used in the past. 10/10."

-Hiresh Sharma
Our Chef's Recipe
Garlic Crostini
Prep: 5 Minutes |Cook: 15-20 Minutes
[serves]8 people[/serves][prep_time]5 Minutes[/prep_time][cooktime]15-20 Minutes[/cooktime] [info]Journey to Italy with a crunchy Garlic Crostini, a beloved appetiser...
Panettone Bread
Prep: 4-5 Hours |Cook: 55-60 Minutes
[serves]Makes 8 portions [/serves][prep_time]4-5 Hours[/prep_time][cooktime]55-60...
Wild Mushroom Crostini
Prep: 5-10 Minutes |Cook: 15-20 Minutes
[serves]4 people[/serves][prep_time]5-10 Minutes[/prep_time][cooktime]15-20 Minutes[/cooktime] [info]A...
Genovese Pesto Salad
Prep: 30-40 Minutes |Cook: 10-15 Minutes
[serves]Makes 4 portions [/serves][prep_time]30-40 Minutes[/prep_time][cooktime]10-15...