Truffled Mushroom Sauce
Truffled Mushroom Sauce

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Truffled Mushroom Sauce

Truffled Mushroom Sauce

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Enjoy within 10 Days.
A whiff is all you need to get hooked to this sauce. Made using Porcini Mushrooms, Garlic, Thyme and Truffle infused oil, our Truffled Mushroom sauce is a wonderfully chunky yet at the same time creamy sauce whose umami rich flavours will transport you to Southern Italy. Perfect to stir into blached fettuccine pasta or even to make your own flatbreads, we recommend always having a jar of this Chef Special in your fridge for when you want to make gourmet easy. Available in pack sizes of 200g for personal indulgence of 400g for family night.
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200 g

₹ 399/-
₹ 399/-
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Frequently AskedQuestions

Yes, our chefs make fresh batches of Truffled Mushroom Sauce every day, using fresh ingredients and traditional Italian cooking methods.

You can easily store our Truffled Mushroom Sauce for 10 days. Our chefs recommend refrigerating our Truffled Mushroom Sauce once you receive it for long-lasting freshness.

Definitely, you can. Add 3 tbsp of our Truffled Mushroom Sauce to cold blanched penne or fusilli along with some cold iceberg and toasted almonds, and your salad will be ready.

Truffled Mushroom Sauce

Are you one of those people who loves an umami flavour in your food? Then you’re going to love this! Our Truffled Mushroom Sauce is made of a medley of porcini and buttom mushrooms sourced from local growers and aromats like garlic, thyme and truffle infused oil.

Made using a traditional recipe and age-old methods, our sauce has an earthy, umami flavour that is comforting in every spoonful. Buy mushroom sauce online from Sorrentina to stir into pastas, soups or even use it to make your own flat breads. Its warm, distinct flavour will instantly lift up your mood after a long, tiring day.

Tastes best with Fettucine, buy mushroom sauce online from Sorrentina when you want quick fixes for meals or have date nights planned at home. Our sauce will help you whip up a gourmet style meal within minutes. You can even use our sauce to make salads! Our chefs recommend adding 3 tbsp of our mushroom sauce to blanched penne or fusilli and then topping it up with fresh lettuce and toasted almonds.

Order mushroom sauce when you’re hosting Italian dinners or brunches at home. Our creamy yet chunky sauce, which is made by hand pounding the ingredients using a marble mortar and wooden pestle, will give you the real taste of Italy. Perfect for La Scarpetta, our sauce tastes great with garlic breads.

If you know someone who loves authentic Italian flavours as much as you do. Order our Truffled Mushroom Sauce online for them. Our team will directly get it delivered to them within a few hours of you placing an order for it.

Get Truffled Mushroom Sauce order online for days when you have last-minute cravings or sudden get together plans. Our sauce will have you create dishes within minutes and leave your loved ones impressed.