Herbed Grissini
Herbed Grissini

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Herbed Grissini

Herbed Grissini

Serve 2 - 3 People
Enjoy within 1 Month.
A hand-pulled breadstick flavoured with Italian herbs. Perfect to dip into our basil seed pesto or use in snacking platters
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75 g

₹ 150/-
₹ 150/-
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Basil Seed Pesto

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₹ 375/-

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Our chefs bake fresh Herbed Grissini every day, using Flour, Yeast, Gluten, Bread Improver, Water and our In-House Spice Mix.

Our Herbed Grissini tastes great when dipped in any of our in-house dips like Basil Seed Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. You can even dunk it into warm soups.

You can easily enjoy our Herbed Grissini for 30 days. Our chefs recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight for long-lasting freshness.