Burrata Cheesecake
Burrata Cheesecake
Burrata Cheesecake

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Burrata Cheesecake

Burrata Cheesecake

Serve 1-2 People
Enjoy within 3 Days.
This creamy cheesecake is the perfect ending to your meal.
Made using burrata and cream cheese, our seasonal berry cheesecake is lighter than your average cheesecake and sits atop a buttery, crumbly graham cracker crust.
Orders placed in Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru before 4pm will be delivered the same day else within 24 hrs & those placed outside these cities will be delivered within 2-7 days

Pack Size

120 g

₹ 500/-
₹ 500/-
Avail free delivery above 1000/- | Same day delivery for orders before 4pm
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Frequently AskedQuestions

Our chefs use Cream Cheese, Graham Crackers and Berry Compote to make creamy Burrata Cheesecake.

Absolutely. Our chefs make fresh batches of Burrata Cheesecake every morning using traditional Italian baking techniques.

Our chefs recommend refrigerating our Burrata Cheesecake at all times to ensure it stays fresh. It’s best eaten within 4 days of you ordering it.

Rich, creamy and oozing with indulgence, our Burrata Cheesecake is a perfect end to an Italian meal. Our chefs at Sorrentina—Honestly Italian have elevated a classic baked cheesecake with Italian ingredients for a spoonful of Italian indulgence.

Made with the creaminess of Burrata, Cream Cheese, a fresh Blueberry Compote, and Graham Crackers, you can buy our Burrata Cheesecake online. Once you place an order Burrata Cheesecake online, we will deliver it to you within a few hours.

Hailing from the Apulia region of Italy, Burrata is a cousin of the famous Mozzarella Cheese. With an appearance similar to a ball of Mozzarella, it has a softer, oozier interior made of cheese curds and cream. Its distinct flavour and texture lends itself perfectly to our light and airy cheesecake giving tangy flavours to our cheesecake complimented perfectly with the fresh Blueberry compote we serve our cheesecake with.

Our buttery, crumbly graham cracker adds a layer of texture to our otherwise smooth and creamy cheesecake making every bite a burst of flavours, texture and pure Italian goodness.

Making a Burrata Cheesecake at home is fairly simple, but if you’re not someone who likes spending hours baking, Buy Burrata Cheesecake from Sorrentina. It’s airy, light and delicious. Most importantly, our Burrata Cheesecake price will bring a smile to your face. It’s so easy on the pockets that you will end up ordering it almost every day.