Christmas Roulade

Christmas Roulade

Prep Time : 15 Minutes
Cooking Time : 1 Hour 30 minutes
Serves : 3 People

Another Italian classic to serve at your big Christmas lunch, our roulade, also known as involtini, brings the rich flavour of caramelised vegetables and traditional seasonings in little bundles with Sorrentina’s Silician Milk Bread. Serve these small bites of joy as an appetiser, or enjoy it alongside your favourite meats and baked potatoes. Choose from our pastas and assortment of Italian desserts and you're all set to serve up an Italian feast.

15 Minutes
1 Hour 30 minutes
3 People



50g, Carrot

20g, Celery

20g, Onions

2,  Sorrentina's Sicilian Milk Loaf

50g, Butter

25g, Sage

100ml, White wine

30ml, Brandy

Seasoning as needed (Salt and Pepper)


100g, Almond

100g, Prunes

100g, Apricot

200g, Cranberry

100g, Candied orange

100g, Raisins

100g, Walnuts

100g, Dried figs

100g, Candied lemons

15g, Dry ginger powder

15g, Cinnamon powder

500ml, Red Wine 

250ml, Rum

250ml, Brandy


10g, Butter



1. Soak dry fruits well in rum, white wine, brandy and the spices and rest it overnight


  1. Cut the bread into even cubes and then toast them gently
  2.  In a pan, heat some olive oil and then add carrots. Cook them untl they get a nice golden caramelisation from outside
  3.  Add celery and onions and cook it through, then add sage
  4.  Deglaze the mixture with white wine and take it off heat
  5.  To the hot mixture, add toasted bread, soaked fruits, brandy and mix it well
  6.   Once done, let the mixture cool down
  7.   Next, squeeze the mixture dry
  8.    Roll it all into roulade (tube-like shape) using a silver foil or cling wrap
  9.    Steam it for 15 minutes so that it gets nicely binded
  10.  After steaming, allow the roulade to cool down and set for about an hour
  11. Cut the roulade into medallions, sear on a pan with a bit of butter and serve

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