“One Pot” Romesco Cream Cheese Pasta

“One Pot” Romesco Cream Cheese Pasta

Prep Time : 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 35 Minutes
Serves : 2


This fuss-free, downright delicious ‘one pot pasta’ is tailor-made for busy days, especially when you’ve got Sorrentina’s Romesco Cream Cheese sauce handy. Romesco sauce is actually a Spanish sauce, made using charred tomatoes, roasted peppers and toasted almonds and is traditionally eaten with fish. At Sorrentina, we’ve given this Spanish sauce a contemporary twist, so that you can add it to just about anything — most importantly, to your pasta! 

20 Minutes
35 Minutes


  • 2tbsp, Olive Oil
  • 5gms, Garlic
  • 20gms, Cherry Tomatoes
  • 100gms, Sorrentina’s Romesco Cream Cheese
  • 50gms, Sorrentina’s All-Purpose Tomato Sauce
  • 120gms, Boiled Spaghetti
  • 5gms, Basil Leaves
  • 3gms, Chilli Flakes
  • Salt and Pepper for seasoning


  1. Start by blanching the pasta in boiling water (please follow the cooking instructions printed on the pack)
  2. Layer a baking tray with all the elements of the dish
  3. Pop the tray in a pre-heated oven for 8 to 9 minutes, at 190 degrees
  4. Once the cheese melts, remove the tray from the oven
  5. Mix it all up. Remember to splash in some more olive oil/ basil towards the end, to bring all the flavours together
    NOTE: The kale can be chopped into chiffonades or smaller bite-sized pieces
  6. Season as required

Chef’s Tip: Feel free to add in a spoonful of Sorrentina’s Basil Seed Pesto, olives, charred peppers or nuts, for an added bite

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