Kale And Mushroom Soup

Kale And Mushroom Soup

Prep Time : 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 25 Minutes
Serves : 2


Easy to cook and delicious to eat, this Kale and Mushroom soup recipe is a godsend on busy days. We’ve gone ahead and added an Italian twist to this soup by incorporating one of Italy’s most sought-after delights to it — truffle. With a generous dollop of Sorrentina’s Truffled Mushroom Sauce, this simple soup easily achieves cult status, especially among lovers of Italian food.

20 Minutes
25 Minutes


  • 2tbsps, Olive Oil
  • 5gms, Garlic
  • 30gms, Kale, Chopped
  • 1, Sorrentina’s Truffled Mushroom Sauce
  • ½ Cup, Milk
  • 1 Cup, Water
  • 3gms,Thyme
  • Croutons
  • Salt and Pepper for seasoning


  1. Sautée some fresh garlic in olive oil, in a heated pan
  2. Add in Sorrentina’s Truffled Mushroom Sauce, followed by milk and water
    NOTE: Add some water can be added if it seems too thick
  3. Whisk everything together and allow it to chill
  4. Blend this mixture into a fine puree and set it aside
  5. In a fresh pan, add a bit of olive oil and let it heat
  6. Sprinkle in some thyme and once it sizzles, add the kale
    NOTE: The kale can be chopped into chiffonades or smaller bite-sized pieces
  7. Once the water from the kale has evaporated, mix in the puree prepared earlier
  8. Stir well, season and serve with croutons and parmesan cheese
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