Sorrentina: Your Ultimate Guide To Weekday Dinners

Have you ever wondered how easy life would be if the ‘What’s for dinner?’ question came with an answer? Let’s be real: planning a meal every night that’s a) delicious and b) approved by all, can be an arduous task. But, what if we could help you make it simple? What if there was a delicious meal for every night of the week that you could also cook up, fuss-free? With Sorrentina, there can be.

Combining the expertise of our chefs with the simplicity and cleverness of a nonna’s cucina, Sorrentina throws up a variety of honestly Italian offerings, designed for your kitchens. With our freshly baked Italian breads, artisanal pastas, rich sauces and more, Sorrentina can help you put together quick weeknight meals that’ll find a place in everyone’s hearts. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cure Those Monday Blues

Monday often seems like the longest day of the week! And there’s no better way to fix a spell of the Monday blues than by putting together a dinner to remember — something that will cheer everyone right up. Simply grab one of Sorrentina’s DIY Pizza Kits and settle down with family, to the joy of a hand-stretched, freshly baked pizza at home. Complete with a pizza base, pizza sauce, cheese, toppings and seasoning, these kits aren’t just quick-fixes, but delicious ones, too. Whether you’re choosing the classic Margherita DIY Pizza Kit or the cheesy Quattro Formaggi DIY, you enjoy the added perk of your meal being ready in under 10 minutes.

Rustle Up Some Mid-Week Motivation

The middle of the week is often the toughest phase to get through after Monday. So, cook up a simple but flavourful Italian meal using our Italian Food Products that’ll serve as the perfect pick-me-up. We’ve got just the thing — Sorrentina’s Basil Seed Pesto. Made with fresh basil and authentic aged Parmesan cheese, this chunky, moreish sauce is a mid-week must-have. Stir it into the pasta of your choice from Sorrentina’s specials and pair it with handmade bread from Sorrentina’s Italian Bakery, such as the Burnt Garlic & Olive Focaccia Bread or a hearty loaf of Garlic Bread. After all, you can never go wrong with pasta!

Ring In A Happy Friday

There’s no better feeling than returning to the comfort of home on a Friday, after a busy working week. So, it’s only fair for your Friday night meal to be a special little something, filled with the flavours of Italy. Start off with a scrumptious tray of appetizers. Sorrentina’s Italian Food Products including Italian Lavash Crackers and Focaccia Crostini taste great when paired with Sorrentina’s range of Italian-style hummus. Next, grab a box of Sorrentina’s Spaghetti Originale and put together a quick and simple Spaghetti Aglio Olio, courtesy our Aglio Olio Peperoncino Dip. Might we suggest rounding it off on a sweet note with our in-house Italian special — Tiramisu? A treasured recipe by our Chefs, this divine creation is the perfect way to get the weekend started.

So, whether it’s a dull Monday or a fun Friday, Sorrentina’s got you covered with its range of fresh Italian food products for lunch or any meal of the week.

Grab all your essentials for Italian food products for dinner here.

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