What Happens When Cricket Meets Italian Flavours? It's a Match Made in Paradiso, Of Course!

Cricket – a sport that unites fans around the globe, transforming stadiums into cauldrons of excitement and living rooms into roaring arenas. But what is cricket without the perfect snacks to elevate the match-watching experience? Imagine a symphony of Italian flavours and cricket's euphoria coming together. And there you have it, the perfect pairing for a memorable match, where satiating Italian snacks complement the collective energy in the room. Here’s what you need for your next match screening party:

Munch on Parmesan Cheese Straws

Start your cricket match screening on a high note with Parmesan Cheese Straws. These flaky, buttery delights are the ideal snacks to nibble on during those power plays. With their crispy texture, rich parmesan flavour and a muted spicy zing, they'll have you hooked!

Indulge in our trio of Crackers

Italian Snacks to Munch

As our beloved cricketers aim to hit a 'cracker' for six, you can savour your own culinary delights – our trio of crackers. These savoury, peppery and sumptuous bites will surely give you the perfect crunch during a smashing boundary hit.

Crunch Truffle Chips 

Wishing for a six? Here's one! Our pack of 6 rich, aromatic truffle flavour-infused chips is sure to keep your spirits high as you watch the match with bated breath. The rich, aromatic truffle chips are sure to give your taste buds an explosion with every bite.

Cook up amazing Pasta-bilities

When a wicket falls and the excitement is paramount, you need a dish that packs a punch. How about a spicy Arrabbiata Pasta for those fiery moments in the match?.

Celebrate sweet moments with Italian Cookies, Biscottis and Desserts

Italian Cookies

Watching a match without hot beverages or desserts? We don’t recommend it! Do not forget to indulge in your favourite Italian cookies, biscottis and desserts and celebrate those sweet moments and victories.

Chomp down your nervousness with Sicilian Spiced Nuts

Yes, watching a match is always nerve-wracking, but fret not, we guarantee these crunchy delights are a tastier option than your fingernails!

Creatively conceptualised and packed with care, the melange of nuts and seeds tossed in a fusion of flavours will surely keep your nervousness at bay.

As you gather to watch a cricket match, let your favourite Italian flavours elevate the experience. The rich heritage of Italian cuisine lends a touch of sophistication to your snacking. Whether you're celebrating a six or consoling yourself after a lost wicket, these Italian delicacies will be your perfect partner.

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