A Beginner's Guide to Italian Ravioli

In the Italian dialect, the word Ravioli stands for little turnips and over the years, it has grown to become Italy’s most beloved dish. Ravioli is a type of pasta that is typically filled with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, vegetables, or meat. It’s a delicious and versatile dish that can be served in a variety of ways, from a simple tomato sauce to a decadent cream sauce.

Ravioli is a type of pasta that originated in Italy and has become a popular dish worldwide. It is believed to have been created first in the city of Genoa in the 14th Century. The name ravioli is derived from the Italian word ‘ripieni’, which means filled. To make this dish, the ravioli pasta dough is filled up with a variety of ingredients from cheese to seafood and then this dough is sealed with water or egg wash.

Ravioli has become an important dish in Italian cuisine and is often served as a first course or appetiser. It is also commonly eaten on special occasions and holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. The history of ravioli in Italian cuisine can be tied back to the evolution of pasta as a staple food in Italy. It is said that the earliest forms of pasta were made by the ancient Etruscans and Greeks, but it was the Italians who developed the various shapes and forms that we have come to know of these days.

Types of Italian Ravioli

There are various types of Italian ravioli, each with its own unique shape, size, filling, and flavour profile. Here are some of the most popular types of Italian ravioli:

1. Classic Ravioli

Classic Ravioli

Round, square, or classic ravioli pasta is a staple in Italian cuisine. These pastas are usually filled with a mixture of cheese, meat, or vegetables, and then boiled or fried. Its round or square shape allows for easy preparation and presentation, and they can be served with a variety of sauces such as tomato, pesto, or cream sauce. Classic ravioli is a versatile dish that can be customised to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences, and it continues to be an iconic dish in Italian cuisine. 

It is easy to buy ravioli online or get it ready-to-eat in a restaurant, but have you tried making it the traditional Italian way? Making homemade and fresh Italian ravioli is a true labour of love, but we assure you that the results will be magical!

Nothing can beat silky fresh pasta filled with incredible ricotta cheese and spinach and tossed in our simple Blush Pink Sauce or Basil Pesto Sauce.

2. Agnolotti Ravioli 

Agnolotti Ravioli

This is small, stuffed pasta similar to classic ravioli pasta, originating from the Piedmont region of Italy. They are traditionally filled with a mixture of roasted meat, herbs, and served with a meat-based sauce or a butter and sage sauce. The shape of this type of ravioli is usually square or rectangular, and the pasta is thin, making it a delicate and flavourful dish. Agnolotti Ravioli has gained popularity outside of Italy, and can be found on menus at Italian restaurants around the world, thus showcasing the diversity and versatility of Italian cuisine.

You can opt to cook this type of ravioli with our golden-hued Aglio Olio Peperoncino Dip to get a true taste of Italian heritage. 

3. Tortellini Ravioli

Tortellini Ravioli

Tortellini ravioli pasta is shaped like a small ring and this pasta is typically filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, or all 3, and is served in a meat or vegetable broth, cream, or tomato-based sauces.

Tortellini originated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and is said to have been inspired by the navel of Venus.

Toss up the combination of our Tortellini Ravioli with Truffled Mushroom Sauce and experience the richness of flavour that the Italian cuisine has to offer. 

4. Cappelletti Ravioli

Cappelletti Ravioli

Cappelletti ravioli pasta is a small, hat-shaped pasta that is made by rolling out a thin sheet of pasta dough and then cutting it into small circles. The filling is usually a mixture of meat, cheese, or vegetables, and is placed in the centre of the circle. The edges are then folded over to create a small hat. It is served with a meat or vegetable brodo or broth to enhance the flavours in this dish.

Its origin was in the city of Bologna and was first created during the Renaissance period. The name ‘Cappelletti’ means little hats in Italian, which is the shape of the pasta.

You could stir up this ravioli with our Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Sauce. Made with Sun-dried Tomatoes, traditionally aged Parmesan Cheese, and the finest Olive Oil, our chunky Sun-dried Tomato Pesto is a must-have for an authentic southern Italian taste. 

Read up enough about ravioli? Craving some of it now? It’s time you tried it out. Sorrentina makes it possible for you to satisfy your taste buds and buy fresh ravioli online to get a taste of the authentic Italian-style ravioli. A versatile and sumptuous Italian dish, ravioli has won hearts all over the world. Now, let it win over your kitchen, guests, family, and friends. 

Our hand-rolled and hand-filled raviolis are made using Italian semola and filled with love along with a range of different mixes. But before that, all you need to do is boil them for a few minutes in water and these soft bites will be ready to toss in your favourite sauce. 

Stock up your kitchen and get ready to serve this delizioso dish in your gatherings. Even when you order ravioli online, Sorrentina’s range of ravioli is as good as freshly made. Order today and get cooking with some ravioli goodness.

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