Italian Products to Transform your kitchen into an Italian cucina

Ingredients. Flavour. Simplicity. Italian cuisine thrives on these three basic ideas. Think about it. San Marzano tomatoes are simple ingredients that make an excellent, flavour-filled sauce. Fresh basil is one of the most aromatic Italian herbs that results in the classic Pesto Alla Genovese — a sauce no one can get enough of. Even Italian olive oil adds complexity and distinction to a dish.

Now, imagine buying all these authentic Italian food products for your kitchen from our online store. Think dried pasta, fresh handcrafted pasta, Italian bakes, dips and sauces and even DIY pizza kits and snacks. Better still, imagine the many traditional dishes you can whip up using them. With Sorrentina’s range of nonna-approved products crafted by seasoned chefs, the possibilities of putting together an ‘honestly Italian’ meal, are truly endless.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

Il pranzo - Lunch

In Italy, a meal that you eat in the middle of the day is called ‘il pranzo’. For family lunch, we recommend picking up one of our ‘Fresh Handcrafted Pasta’, made using authentic Italian semola. Toss up a hearty meal with our fresh Fettuccine Pasta and Sorrentina’s Blush Pink Sauce. Pair it with our ready-to-bake Caprese Garlic Bread, hand-kneaded for hours by experts and layered with butter, minced garlic, fresh oregano and sun-dried tomatoes. If the kids are joining in, pick up our dried Spaghetti Originale and stir in some of Sorrentina’s Aglio Olio Peperoncino, for a simple meal that delivers the true taste of Italy.

La merenda - Snack

Just like India celebrates tea-time, the Italians have ‘la merenda’. A light afternoon snack, la merenda is an Italian tradition and we’re here to help you bring it into your homes, with our exclusive range of eggless snacking options. For a quick but delicious bite, our Truffle Lacquered Nuts are the perfect choice. Seasoned with rosemary, sea salt peperoncino and truffle oil, these nuts can be munched on as is or tossed into a salad. For a real cheesy fix, grab our hand-rolled, flaky Parmesan Straws. Made using traditionally-aged Parmesan Cheese, these baked Italian treats are wonderful accompaniments to your favourite TV show on lazy afternoons. Add in Sorrentina’s Basil Pesto Sauce and you have the perfect ‘merenda’ which can be turned into your very own Aperitivo Hour when paired with a crisp Italian cocktail or a light, floral wine of your choice. Salut!

La cena - Dinner

For dinner, let your kitchen come alive with the aroma of Naples. Yes, we’re talking pizza. Our DIY pizza kits comprise a 10 inch, hand-stretched pizza base and all the other essentials, to help you prep a delicious dinner in 10 minutes. Truffle lovers will relish Sorrentina’s Truffle Club DIY Pizza Kit, which comes with creamy Alfredo sauce, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, walnuts and truffle oil. If it’s date night, stick to the classics with Sorrentina’s Margherita DIY Pizza Kit. Make sure to also pick up Sorrentina’s famous Tiramisu. Created by our expert Chefs, this indulgent Italian dessert, complete with whipped mascarpone and Italian Savioardi biscuits, is the perfect, ‘just-sweet-enough’ way to end your meal.

Now if you’re looking to stock up on Italian food products for your kitchen, head over to our Italian shop and fill up your carts with some everyday Italian goodness.

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