Polenta Fritta With Romesco Cream Cheese

Polenta Fritta With Romesco Cream Cheese

Prep Time : 40 Minutes
Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
Serves : 2 people
Enjoy polenta, a classic Italian porridge like never before with our chef’s secret recipe, which turns it into crunchy chips. Super-easy to make and follow, this recipe will delight everyone on the table, especially your tiny tots. But what amps up its flavour is our fresh, peppery and tart Romesco Cream cheese dip served alongside.
40 Minutes
20 Minutes
2 people


  • 100g, Quick Cook Coarse Polenta Herbs 

  • 1 tsp, herbs (Dried)

  • 50g, Parmesan, Mozzarella or Cheddar Cheese

  • 25g, Butter

  • Oil for Frying

  • 500ml, Veg Stock

  • 200g, Carrots 

  • 150g, Onions

  • 150g, Leeks 

  • 50g, Celery

  • 1 litre, Water 

  • 5ml, Oil 

  • Romesco Cream cheese - as a dip.


   For the Stock:

  • Cut onions, carrots, leeks and celery roughly into dices
  • Heat oil in a pot, add vegetables and sauté them on medium heat until fragrant.
  •  Add water and bring to a simmer.
  • Keep simmering until the water has reduced by little more than half its original volume.
  • Take the pot off the heat and strain the stock once it has cooled.

For the Polenta Fritta

  •  Bring the stock to a gentle simmer in a medium small stock pot.
  • Whisk the stock as you slowly add in the polenta over 10-15 seconds.
  • Once done, turn the heat down to low.
  • Cook the polenta for 10-15 minutes, whisking every couple of minutes.
  • Grate parmesan cheese and add it to the polenta with butter and dried herbs.
  • Whisk until all of the cheese and butter has melted and been incorporated. At this stage the polenta will resemble a thin choux pastry.
  • Line a 15x20cm tray or bowl with cling film and pour in the polenta and flatten it into an even layer.
  • Fold over the cling film to cover and allow it to cool completely, this will take 2-3 hours.
  • Once the polenta has cooled, remove it from the tray or dish and cut it into your desired shape and size. We suggest cut them in chips size, about 1.5cm in breadth and 7.5 cm long
  • Heat oil in a frying pan and bring it to a temperature of 160-170°C or 320-340°F
  • Carefully add the chips to the oil and fry for 2 minutes, before flipping to the opposite side and fry for another 2 minutes. It is best to batch fry.
  • Once done, remove chips from the pan and drain excess oil on some kitchen paper before transferring to an oven to keep warm whilst you cook the second batch.
  • Enjoy Polenta fritters with our Romesco Cream cheese dip.

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